Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden object between these bunch of bananas in 10 seconds

Optical illusions are really intriguing pictures that work wonders for sharpening your focus. Most significantly, though, they may greatly enhance your ability to see things. We never stop providing you with fresh puzzle pictures, and today is no exception. Find the hidden thing in this bunch of bananas to complete today’s challenge.

There are several bunches of bananas and an item hidden in this optical illusion picture. If you find the solution to this task within the allotted time, you will win; if not, you will lose. You have 10 seconds to solve this challenge. On your smartwatch or phone, set a timer for 10 seconds before beginning, and hit start only when instructed to do so.

Are you up for the challenge of the optical illusion? Yes? 

Start now, but don’t ask anybody else for assistance in locating the thing.

Your 10-second countdown has begun.

Be quick! Did you notice the item in the image? No?

I’ll give you a hint now.

Hint: The object is hidden in the middle and the right side of the image.

Just two seconds remain, so hasten.

Stop! The time is up for you. 

Have you located the item that was concealed in the image? If so, many thanks for the congrats. If you’re still looking for it, don’t be discouraged; you can find the solution to this puzzle in the image below.

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