Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden parrot from the image in 12 seconds

Optical illusions are very fascinating images that are great for focusing your attention. But most importantly, these images could improve your capacity for observation. As per usual, we have another fascinating puzzle image for you. You will always have access to fresh puzzle pictures from us. Today’s objective is to find the parrot hidden in this gorgeous picture. To complete this job, you must find the parrot hidden somewhere in this optical illusion of a forest where a tree may be seen. You will succeed if you complete this work in the specified time; failure to do so will result in failure. To complete this challenge, you have 12 seconds. Before starting, you need set a 12-second countdown on your smartwatch or phone. You shouldn’t push Start until we tell you to.

Are you up for the challenge of the optical illusion? Yes? 

Let’s get going, but please don’t ask anyone else to assist in finding the parrot.

Your 12-second countdown has begun.

Be quick! Was the parrot visible anywhere in the image? No?

I’ll give you a hint now.

Hint: The parrot is hidden in the right corner of the image.

Just two seconds remain, so hasten.

Stop! The time is up for you. 

Have you located the parrot that is concealed in the image? If so, many thanks for the congrats. If you’re still looking for it, don’t be discouraged; you can find the solution to this puzzle in the image below.

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