Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden three different pencils from the image within 20 seconds

Today’s Optical Illusion Challenge picture features several saree pencils that are visible, but three of them are noticeably different from the others in order to put your brain to the test. Determine where these three pencils are concealed by carefully examining the image; you must do this on your own. To overcome this optical illusion, you have just 20 seconds.

We often see optical illusion pictures on social media, which we like deciphering and which are also quite good at sharpening our focus. You will win this task if you can complete it in the allotted time; but, if you need assistance to locate the pencils, you will still lose this challenge. Let’s see if you can solve this problem within the allotted time.

In 20 seconds, you can locate the pencils by looking at the image. 

Your time has begun.

Be quick! There are hardly many seconds left.

You have run out of time. 

Others who managed to locate all three pencils in this image were declared the challenge’s winners, but those who are still looking for them shouldn’t be discouraged because we have provided the answer in the image below.

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