Optical Illusion Test: Find the elephant wearing a Beret from the image in 5 seconds

It takes a lot of focus to figure out the solution, and you only have a short amount of time to do so, making optical illusions challenges incredibly entertaining tasks. We often see several identical images on social media, but the answers are always tucked inside in the center. In the image we’ll share with you for today’s Optical Illusion Challenge, you can see a group of elephants, and you have just 8 seconds to identify the one that is sporting a beret.

You have just 8 seconds to solve this intriguing optical illusion, and if you figure it out before then, you’ll fail this task. Therefore, before you begin, we urge you to carefully examine the image because you only have a little time to locate the solution. You must search diligently for the elephant with the beret.

Are you ready for this challenge?

Let’s begin.

Your 8-second timer now begins.

A few seconds remain, so hurry.

Have you seen an elephant with a beret on? No?

No need to worry; I have a tip for you.

Hint: The answer is hidden in the middle of the image.

Stop, the time is up. 

Thanks to this hint, many people have successfully located the elephant wearing a beret. For those who are still searching, the answer may be found in the image below.

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