Optical Illusion Test: Find the hidden Frog between these leaves in 10 seconds

In today’s new and exciting optical illusion challenge, you must locate the hidden frog among the leaves. Examine the image carefully since you only have 12 seconds to find the answer to this challenge. Although it may initially look as though there is no answer to be discovered in this image if you focus your attention on it, you will find it. This is the most fascinating feature of optical illusion puzzles. 99% of our readers who have seen this image have had trouble finding the frog hidden amid the leaves.

A painting of widely colored leaves conceals a frog amid them in the interesting image we’ve supplied for today’s Optical Illusion challenge. Let’s get started right away, but keep in mind that you must figure it out for yourself and must not seek help. You succeed in the challenge if you find the hidden frog at the specified time.

Your twelve seconds have begun. 

Where have you seen the frog? No?

Here is a tiny tip to help you locate the solution.

Hint: The Frog may be found on the left side of the picture.

A few seconds remain. Be quick!

Stop! Time is up. 

As the winner of this optical illusion challenge, you deserve our sincere congratulations. For those who are still searching, the solution is shown in the image below.

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