Optical Illusion Test: Spot the hidden Rabbit in 15 seconds

For your brain test today, we have created a brand-new image where you must find the hidden bunny. You have 15 seconds to accomplish this task. A rabbit is concealed among the numerous rocks in this photograph, which is showing us. A rabbit may be seen directly in front of this picture if you look at it very closely.

Twitter users have shared this popular Optical Illusion picture. 99% of the readers we shared this photograph with couldn’t find it, despite our efforts. A rabbit may be seen in the center of the image if you look closely. The task will now immediately begin, and you have only 15 seconds to accomplish it. If you were able to locate the bunny, your brain must function incredibly quickly.

Your timer has started, and you have 20 seconds left. 

Did you see the rabbit in the image? No?

Let us drop a clue for you.

Hint: The rabbit is exactly in the center of the image and is looking to the side.

Time is running out, so hurry. Maybe everyone has seen the bunny.

If the answer is yes, congrats! If not, the circle in the image below provides the solution to this task.

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