Optical Illusion Test: You have 8 seconds to find the hidden Tortoise from the image

Illusion pictures have been shown to be quite helpful in improving focus, and they are crucial for testing your observational abilities. These photos will also put your cognitive abilities to the test because the solutions to these puzzles require focus in order to be found. As part of today’s optical illusion challenge, we’ve included a fascinating picture of a woodland with several pebbles visible in it. You have eight seconds to figure out how to locate the hidden turtle in this image. Optical Illusion Image Challenges are an excellent technique to gauge your IQ while also improving your level of attention. Let’s get right to the challenge; set a timer for 8 seconds on your phone or smartwatch before we begin.

Your session is about to begin.

Your 8-second timer now begins.

Be quick! 3 seconds remain.

Anywhere in the picture did you spot the tortoise?

The time is up for you.


You have won this optical illusion challenge if you were able to locate the Tortise that was concealed within the image. If not, don’t be discouraged—the image below provides the answer to this issue.

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