“Ordinary woman”: paparazzi filmed Meghan Markle relaxing by the pool in purple swimming trunks

Not so long ago, the wife of Prince Harry got into the frame, relaxing on the beach. Pictures of a 41-year-old woman instantly scattered on the Web, stirring up users. It is no secret that many are watching with interest the life of members of the royal family.

Followers began to actively discuss Meghan Markle, who was pleased with her appearance in a purple beach suit. “So simple and ordinary”

“You can’t immediately say that she is from the royal family”, “I don’t understand what the prince found in her”, and “So low and ordinary, Kate is better,” they wrote.

By the way, some emphasized that the woman looks great after giving birth and praised her for her slender shape. “You look great after a recent birth,” I read in the comments.

What do you say, friends? Waiting for you under this post.

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