Paparazzi filmed Keanu Reeves adoring his “grandmother” in public

“What did the star handsome find in this nondescript woman?”

56-year-old Keanu Reeves seems absolutely happy. Finally, our idol is not alone. We all remember the pictures of the handsome star that roamed the Internet. Kinu seemed very lonely and unhappy. However, time does not stand still.

Today, Keanu is enjoying a relationship with a certain 47-year-old artist Alexandra Grant. They say correctly, do not be born beautiful, but be born happy. Alexandra is a prime example.

Fans of Keanu are perplexed: “What did the handsome star find in this nondescript woman?” Alexandra managed to win the heart of the famous loner, falling in love with the idol of millions of women.

The other day, the paparazzi managed to photograph the doves on the set. Alexandra drove her lover to work, giving Keanu a tender kiss. “Having mercy with his grandmother”,

“And what did he find in her?”, “But I like her”, “Cool”, “Happiness to you”, “Not suitable at all”, “The main thing he likes,” wrote netizens. And I would like to know your opinion.

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