“Parenting Through Loss”: Amanda Kloots Navigates Tough Conversations with Son Elvis

‘Loving Him Is the Greatest Joy’

Amanda Kloots spent Valentine’s Day with her son Elvis Eduardo, 4, in Maui. They enjoyed cuddling together, and Elvis said he loved his mom very much. Amanda shared pictures of their time on social media and said she loves being with her son.


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Elvis has started asking more about his dad, Nick Cordero, who passed away from COVID in 2020. Amanda talked about how difficult it is when Elvis brings up his dad on their way to preschool. She has to work right after dropping him off, so it’s tough to talk about it sometimes.

Amanda tries to include memories of Nick in Elvis’s life, even though he doesn’t remember much about his dad. Sometimes Elvis gets sad when they talk about Nick’s death, which breaks Amanda’s heart. She knows that dealing with Elvis’s grief will be a new challenge for both of them in the future.

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