Parents decided to scare their son on Halloween, but everything did not go according to plan (video)

The tradition of celebrating Halloween in Western culture is incredibly strong. In European countries and the United States, All Saints’ Day is celebrated on a large scale. Each family tries to come up with interesting costumes and decorate the house. We learned the story of some Americans for whom everything did not go according to plan …

For a child of the Myers family, Halloween was the first time he met, fully aware of what was happening. The parents decided to make a little prank: to scare their son Michael with the help of a neighbor dressed in the costume of one of the heroes of cult horror.


@amberpatrick22 When Michael Myers is life and your 4 year old son has the biggest heart 😅🥰 #heyyouneedahug #fyp #michaelmyers #halloween #toddlersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Amber Patrick

It seemed like a brilliant plan. Yes, and the cameras in order to record a funny Halloween video were already prepared. But the reaction of a little boy to a frightening stranger was able to surprise everyone.

Instead of screaming or crying, the child decided that the evil uncle needed … Hug! Michael Myers was not at all afraid when he saw a disguised neighbor. On the contrary, the four-year-old boy became interested in him and, apparently, decided that they could become real friends.

A video in which good conquers evil with simple hugs immediately went viral on the Internet. It became especially popular on TikTok, and a little later it went to the tops of Instagram.

The opinion of users about this record is very divided. Some began to be touched by the kind heart of the child. Others resented the fact that parents are ready to expose their little son to possible stress.

And the neighbor, who agreed to help Myers in this prank, was repeatedly condemned because even after the hug he did not stop getting out of character. Be that as it may, the result of the video is happy. And the “little angel” Michael Myers got a well-deserved minute of fame!

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