Parents Reserve Park Benches for Toddler’s Birthday with Controversial Note

Outrage erupts as parents reserve park benches for their toddler’s birthday bash, leaving a note that has the internet buzzing! 😡😮 Read on to discover why this move sparked controversy and divided opinions.

A Reddit post talked about parents who reserved tables at a park for their kid’s birthday party. They decorated the tables and left a note asking people not to use them. Someone posted a picture of the empty tables on Reddit, calling the parents entitled. They said the park was busy, but the tables stayed empty for six hours until the rowdy party arrived.

Park rangers had to talk to the parents because of the loud music. Others in the park were also annoyed but didn’t use the tables out of respect. People on Reddit criticized the parents for being rude and entitled.

Some said they had woken up early to reserve tables before and found it unfair. They believed public tables should be first-come, first-served. A few understood the parents’ desire to have space for their party but thought they should have specified a time on the note.

Overall, people felt the parents were either entitled or unaware of park etiquette. Adding a time to the note could have avoided conflict.

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