Paris Hilton Celebrates 43rd Birthday with Gratitude for Her Remarkable Year

Paris Hilton is having a great time as she gets older!

The mom of two celebrated her 43rd birthday with a post on Instagram.

“Another great year of living my best life! Feeling grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned this year,” she wrote alongside photos of her favorite moments from the past year.

“From being a mom to taking care of my husband, having successful moments in my business, and standing up for what’s right… This has been an amazing year! #Aquarius #BirthdayCelebration,” Hilton added.

In her photos, Hilton shared a picture of herself in Times Square and another of her launching her cookware line at Walmart.

She also posted pictures of herself in matching pajamas with her husband and their 14-month-old son and baby daughter.

The day before her birthday, Hilton posted more photos on Instagram of her past birthday looks.

She wore different dresses and hairstyles in the pictures, asking her followers which one they liked the most.

“Happy almost Birthday to me! Since it’s Aquarius season, I’m looking back on my past birthday outfits. Which one is your favorite?” she asked.

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