Passepartout and Pasmuray from Fort Boyard, their personal lives, their wives, and children

Are you familiar with the TV show “Fort Boyard”?

For the first time around the world, Fort Boyard was talked about in 1990, after the release of the adventure show of the same name.

Many people remember two characters named Passepartout and Pasmuray.

But few people know that these are actually pseudonyms. Passepartout’s real name is André Boucher, and he is now 52 years old. He is not a professional stuntman at all, but an ordinary subway worker.

Married, to his wife for 10 years go through life hand in hand. Even now, despite the past years, he is determined to continue to participate in the filming, so more than once he will please the audience with his dexterity and resourcefulness in overcoming difficulties.

Now about Pasmuray, Passepartout’s assistant, whose real name is Anthony Laborte. Now he is 37 years old, and his height … 120 cm!

But he also has a lover. Moreover, this is a girl of ordinary average height. The star of the TV show does not disclose the name of her beautiful companion, and it is known only to her closest relatives and friends.

Are you familiar with the TV show “Fort Boyard”?

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