Paul Wesley Shares: My Girlfriend is Hilarious, We’re Always Laughing!

Laughing their way through life! 😂💖 Dive into the heartwarming tale of Paul Wesley and his girlfriend Natalie Kuckenburg, where love, laughter, and joy abound! 😊

In a special talk at the Garden of Laughs event in New York City recently, Paul Wesley, who acted in The Vampire Diaries and is 41 years old, shared that he and his girlfriend Natalie always find ways to have fun and not take life too seriously.

When asked who makes him laugh the most, Paul said, “Definitely my dog is number one, and then my girlfriend.”

He believes that laughter is crucial for a good relationship and says that’s a big reason why he and Natalie get along so well.

Paul and Natalie, who is a model with Elite Model Management, were first seen together in Italy in November 2022, but it’s not clear when they started dating.

Paul used to be married to Ines de Ramon, but they are not together anymore, and their divorce was finalized in 2024. Ines is now dating Brad Pitt. They were seen together for the first time in November 2022 at a concert in Los Angeles. Sources say they had been dating for a few months before that.

The Garden of Laughs event was a big success, raising over $2 million for the Garden of Dreams Foundation. This money will help young people in need in the Tri-State area.

Paul said he was happy to be part of such a great cause, even though his role was small.

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