Perfect body and no Botox: 52-year-old Roberts showed honest photos without retouching

Julia Roberts is one of the brightest and most interesting actresses in Hollywood. Her characters are always close and understandable to the viewer. And Julia herself can charge with positive energy only with her smile.

She has always been considered a Hollywood beauty and, not surprisingly, she managed to maintain her beauty even at 52 years old.

The actress herself admitted that she is against plastic surgery and any beauty procedures. She appreciates every wrinkle and all age-related changes. However, she believes that a woman should not let herself go. Roberts always takes care of her face, she loves masks that she prepares herself. And at 52, the actress can demonstrate her face without makeup and retouching, without embarrassing herself.

In addition, at 52, Julia Roberts was able to maintain a girlish figure. She has a perfect athletic body. At the same time, Julia herself admits that she is a supporter of proper nutrition, however, the actress allows herself her favorite, but not very healthy dishes. But she will never neglect sports, because it is he who helps to maintain a slim figure, without unnecessary wrinkles and cellulite.

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