Picture Puzzle: Can you find the odd one Camel from the image in 8 seconds?

We frequently encounter viral pictures of picture-puzzle problems on social media platforms because these pictures can hone our observational abilities. As we require focus to uncover the solution buried in the images, these images may also greatly aid us in sharpening our attention span.
The picture we’ve provided for you in today’s Picture Puzzle challenge has camels, with one standing out from the rest in between them. You will be the challenge’s victor if you can discover the odd camel within 8 seconds. It is suggested that you solve this on your own so that you can develop your ability to observe things and focus.

 Are you ready for this challenge? Yes? 

Your 8-second timer has begun.

Did you notice the strange camel in the picture?

Time is running out, so hurry.

Stop! Time is up.

Congratulations if you have discovered the unusual camel. If you’re still having trouble, look at the photo below for the solution. I hope you had fun solving this picture puzzle.

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