Picture Puzzle: Find a Hat different from others in the picture within 10 seconds

On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there are a lot of these challenges that test your mental acuity by sharing photos of riddles. As we require a lot of focus to solve these kinds of picture puzzles, these pictures are highly beneficial in raising our level of concentration.
One of the hats in the image we’ve provided for you in this Picture Puzzle challenge is somewhat different from the rest, and you have just 10 seconds to locate it. You are a genius if you figure out the answer to this riddle. It is suggested that you solve this on your own so that you can develop your ability to observe things and focus.

Take a closer look at the image since your time is about to begin. 

Your time has begun.

Have you noticed the odd hat in the picture? Time is running out, so hurry.

Here’s a little tip for you.

Hint: The different hat is on the 3rd last row of the image.

Stop! Time is up. 

Congratulations if you have noticed the different hat; if not, don’t be discouraged. The image below contains the answer to this puzzle, which you may view.

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