Pictures of Cher as a child pleased the Network. Amazing lady! (video)

Cher continues to captivate men’s hearts. She became a legend because she was beautiful, bright, and irreverent. Her voice is incredible. Pictures of the young vocalist were recently revealed on the Internet. The supporters are overjoyed. 

On May 20, 1946, Sherilyn Sargsyan Lapierre Boono Allman was born. Georgia Holt, her mother, was of Native American origin. She was a provincial actress and a very beautiful woman. Cher’s father, a native of Armenia, John Sargsyan, worked as a truck driver.

When Sherilyn was born, her parents were already divorced. The girl did not see her father until she was 11 years old.

In her youth, the girl was shy, she did not study well, and she was embarrassed to answer on the blackboard. But the girl had a dream – to become an actress.

At 16, she dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles with a friend. The girls were going to study acting.

In Hollywood, the girl fell in love with the famous heartthrob Warren Beatty. The novel was short and ended abruptly.

Cher once spoke about her first love:

“Warren acted like a gentleman. I was flattered that a Hollywood actor who was nine years older took notice of me. But the romance quickly ended. What happened? He took my virginity. Did I agree? No. It was disgusting and humiliating…”

Cher did not allow men for a long time, and the negative experience affected her. Time passed and the girl met music producer Sonny Bono. The man was 11 years older. “Our eyes met by chance. It was an electric shock!”

Sonny was just a friend at first. Cher had nowhere to live and offered to live with him in exchange for cleaning and cooking. Their friendship rapidly turned amorous, and they legitimized it.

 Sonny went on to help his wife advance in her career, and they shortened her name to Cher, giving rise to the iconic duet “Sonny and Cher.” 

They had a wonderful daughter called Chastity soon after. Her new name is Chaz Bono. 

Following their divorce, Cher married Gregg Allman, a member of the blues band The Allman Brothers. In 1976, they had a son, Elijah Blue Allman, and in 1977, the new couple released an album. 

This marriage lasted only two years.

 In 1979, the singer legally changed her name to Cher.

Beauty is ascribed to many romances with gorgeous and strong men. 

Cher performed on The Cher Show with her daughter Chastity in 1975. (Chaz Bono). 


Cher is 72 years old now. She continues to sing on stage and delight men.


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