Pictures of Pierce Brosnan with his wife conquer the Network: “How young they were…”

Pierce says his wife is perfect as a woman.

Pierce Brosnan has always been a handsome and imposing actor. Even in the roles of spies, machos, and heroes-lovers.

And he always had fans.

But Pierce’s heart has always belonged to only one woman – his wife.

He has been married to Keely Shai Smith for 25 years, and Keely has become his friend, faithful wife, and Muse.

Their acquaintance took place in 1994 in Mexico, after the death of Brosnan’s wife Cassandra Harris, who died of cancer.

Keely immediately won the heart of the actor, and after a short period of dating, they got married.

Now they have two children – Dylan is 21, and daughter Paris is 17.

And although Keely has gained a lot of weight over time, Pierce says his wife is perfect as a woman – despite the idle opinion of fans that the wife of an actor should fully correspond to him.

Knowing Pierce, one can imagine in what terms he is able to rebuke such people who stick their nose where it is not supposed to!

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