Police dog receives an ice cream treat after each day of work (video)

He is super happy every time he receives it.

In addition to being a person’s best friend, dogs make excellent employees. mostly because they are extremely qualified for a certain task. Certain dogs stand out for their special skills that no human could equal when it comes to jobs like rescue or working as police dogs. Breeds like German Shepherds are therefore often encountered. In order to combat crime, security forces also train them.

One of these examples is Cerberus, a canine ambassador to the United States who patrols with a human companion. Cerberus is exactly like people in that he needs a little downtime after a hard day of labor.

In fact, this police dog has a very specific list of things that he enjoys doing after a long day on patrol. As shown in a video posted by K9 Cerberus, the account on the social network TikTok is devoted to this puppy. After work, the German Shepherd enjoys visiting a specialty ice cream shop for canines.

In the video, you can see how Cerberus enters the Mapple Donuts location with his police carer, who is also quite worried and determined. The ice cream dealer is aware of them and as she makes the special treat, the dog waits by placing his paws on the counter.

His caregiver posted that “Cerberus’s candy is on duty.” It only took a short while for it to become popular online; currently, it has more than 33,000 comments, 1,700,000 likes, and 10,500,000 views on this social network.

You can see how Cerberus ends up chowing down on the luscious ice cream at the conclusion of the puppy video, all while his caregiver holds the glass to make the puppy more comfortable. Cerberus is well aware that long days of labor are amply rewarded. because every day he sacrifices everything in order to win the prize.

During each work shift, Cerberus can be seen sprinting for his reward in the footage that is posted below:

@k9cerberus Cerberus’ shift treat #k9Cerberus #HellamHound #k9handler #MapleDonuts ♬ Meet Me At Our Spot – THE ANXIETY & WILLOW & Tyler Cole

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