Police remove socks and shoes to rescue a scared dog hiding in dark sewage

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Peggy Edwards posted her story on Facebook on May 2, 2016: Joe, a police officer from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, was important to her story. It all started when a motorist ran over a lovely but frightened Yorkshire terrier puppy. The dog then bolted into a tunnel.

On April 30th, Peggy started telling her experience on Facebook, writing: “A little dog was running around free and was [sc.ar.ed] by a passing car.” It ran into a tunnel that a nearby brook travels through. She was clutching to the edge and [st.ran.ded] about 20–25 feet in.

She knew instinctively that she should help the little puppy, but she was hesitant. She was worried, though, that she might scare the dog and cause it to retreat farther into the tunnel. She then made an immediate call to the Woonsocket Police Department.

Officer Joe Brazil arrived shortly after and was anxious to assist. The courageous Officer was ready to assist as Peggy went on to explain what had occurred. Peggy reveals: Without pausing, he dove in, emerging with a very wet, [sc.ar.ed] tiny puppy.

The kind Officer removed his shoes before entering the tunnel to save the small puppy. The closer he got, the more he could see Cece clutching to the edge and shivering.

Given how [ter.rif.ied] the tiny dog was, Joe, took additional precautions to avoid frightening her farther down the tunnel. He let Cece to follow his fingers a bit farther into the tunnel till he was near enough to the terrified dog, and then he hoisted her up. He said: She appeared to be aware that I was there to assist. She appeared to be thanking you, almost.

The name of this lovely puppy was Cece. Cece comes from a wonderful family; she wasn’t a [st.ray] after all. Owner Michelle Perez was overjoyed that Cece had been found; she said that her mother-in-law had given her the gorgeous puppy, but the next day it had vanished.

I had trouble sleeping, even though she is only five months old. I never stopped going somewhere and calling her.

We are grateful to the heroic police officer who saved this adorable, little puppy and brought her back to her owner. You are extremely exceptional for rescuing animals in need. Hats off to you for the work you do and the love you have in your heart for all creatures and humans, however, some people don’t know it or won’t accept it.

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