Pregnant for 13 years, the girl gave birth to nine children before turning 35

Children provide us joy! However, their birth and rearing is a massive undertaking; in most cases, parents entirely devote themselves to their children, forgetting about themselves, their looks, and their mood. But there are individuals who demonstrate that you may be a huge family while living for yourself!

 A married couple lives in Sweden, and they have their own site on social media where they discuss all the details of their life with their numerous children. Satu gave birth to all of her children before her 35th birthday, despite the fact that she had been pregnant for over 13 years.

 Subscribers typically write a lot of comments on the family page, and everyone agrees that despite having a lot of children, the woman looks beautiful and has kept her body! Despite the fact that mom rarely uploads her own images, she prefers to share photos of her children. 

Satu loves to arrange this horde by age, which ranges from 4 months to 12 years. Of course, such a large number of children for her age is astonishing. “I adore my family to the core of my being.” My children mean the world to me. “Even as a youngster, I envisaged having a large family,” says the mother of numerous children on her blog. 

Satu’s one pregnancy resulted in the birth of twin boys, who are now 10 years old. And the mother gave birth to the rest one at a time, dealing with all the difficulties and inconveniences that come with childbirth.

 As a mother of many children acknowledges, raising such a large number of children is quite tough; her devoted husband assists her in this, for which she is eternally thankful.

 “Being a mother requires a lot of labor and commitment.” Even before I’ve eaten breakfast, I’m overcome with a sense of exhaustion. The smiles and affection of children, on the other hand, are the highest rewards for my care for them.”

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