“Prince William Sorry for Kate Middleton’s Absence from Awards During Recovery: ‘She Loves the BAFTAs’

Prince William went to the 2024 BAFTA Film Awards without his wife, Kate Middleton, who is recovering from surgery. He apologized for her absence and mentioned how much she loves the awards.

He told Elaine Bedell that they usually watch the nominated films together but haven’t been able to do so this year because of Kate’s surgery and recovery. He joked about not having watched many movies this time and said he’ll catch up later.

He mentioned liking the film Oppenheimer and wanting to watch Barbie. Normally, Kate accompanies William to the BAFTAs, but she couldn’t make it this time due to her health. Last year was their first appearance at the awards in two years because of family reasons and busy schedules. William took a break from his royal duties to take care of Kate and their three children during their school break.

Kate left the hospital but is still recovering at home and won’t be back to her royal duties until Easter.

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