Priscilla Presley’s Initial Concerns About ‘Priscilla’ Movie Resolved as She Now Approves

Priscilla Presley liked Sofia Coppola’s movie about her life. She talked about it at an event in Las Vegas and said she was worried about it at first. But now she thinks it’s good.

Priscilla, who was married to Elvis, also said nice things about Sofia Coppola, the person who made the movie. She thanked her for telling her story well. The movie is based on Priscilla’s book from 1985, “Elvis and Me.”

Priscilla said she likes how Sofia makes movies and that she did a great job. She also said that if anyone were to make a movie about her, it would be Sofia. She wouldn’t want anyone else to do it. Priscilla also said that Sofia has a big heart and that she really connected with her.

Priscilla felt good about Sofia making the movie because Sofia really wanted it to be good. This made Priscilla trust her with the story.

Priscilla also talked about why she never got married again after her marriage to Elvis ended. She said that Elvis wouldn’t have liked it. She made a promise to never marry again as long as he was alive, and she kept that promise even after he passed away. She said no one could ever be like Elvis.

Priscilla also explained why she and Elvis didn’t have more kids besides their daughter, Lisa Marie. Elvis had a busy schedule, and he felt guilty for not being around enough when Lisa was young. So they didn’t have more children.

Priscilla had previously talked about Sofia’s movie and said she did her homework and did a good job. She mentioned that living with someone as famous as Elvis had its challenges, and she didn’t want to give up all of her privacy. She wanted to keep some things to herself.

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