“Provocative Pole Dancing”: Half-Naked Gisele Bündchen Took Part In The Shooting For The Arezzo Shoe Brand In Over The Knee Boots!

The top model was made the face of a novel advertising campaign. Gisele Bundchen is skilled at using subversive tactics.

The mother of two, 42, participated in the photo shoot for the Arezzo shoe line. Giselle made a surprise appearance. For the sake of the production, Bündchen started to perfect pole dancing.

Several celebs like dancing in this style. You may maintain your physical fitness and enhance your femininity by pole dancing.

It turned out to be enchanting and risky to shoot with Giselle. The model very naturally transitioned into the pole dancer position.

The ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio showed up wearing patent leather boots and a black bodysuit. With free hair and big silver earrings, Bündchen completed the ensemble.

The model entered a pitch-black room filled with mirrors and strode boldly in that direction. She turned a few times while around it with her arms. A little while later, Giselle showed up dressed differently. The celebrity donned flat boots and a black little dress. Bündchen kept performing amazing feats.

Giselle debuted in the Louis Vuitton advertisement baring her chest.

After divorcing Tom Brady, the former Victoria’s Secret model has picked up modeling again.

What do you think of Giselle’s rebellious attire?

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