Psychological test: how do you hold a glass?

Your habits can reveal a lot about your inner self!

Option A

You sincerely listen to the people around you. You have a great sense of humor and that’s why you have many friends who love to be around you!  You are a flexible and sincere person, and you have many other excellent qualities that cannot be overlooked!  You are persistent, and decisive and finish all the projects you start ahead of time. Your natural problem-solving skills make you a great asset to any team!

Option B

You are a very driven leader.  You are always energetic, you always achieve your goals! You are also very independent and determined. You also have strong leadership qualities and people look up to you as a role model!

Option C

You have a kind and warm personality. Because of this, people enjoy being around you. You bring joy with you wherever you go. You have a wide circle of friends and it is very easy for you to connect with people.  You are a curious, creative and sensible person.

Option D

You are very logical and always think before you speak.  You always act logically and rationally, and you don’t let your own emotions get the better of you.  You hate the feeling of being isolated, which is why you enjoy having many friends.

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