Puppy Is Petted By Everyone On The First Day Of Work Because She Is So Cute!

She can make an excellent K9 Officer!

In order to help the school’s resource officers keep teachers and children safe, Ruby, a lovable little Golden Retriever, just became a community resource dog for the Dedham Police Department in Dedham, Massachusetts. She has the potential to be a great K9 officer due to her good demeanor!

The cutest new employee in the division, Ruby was enthusiastic about her first day of work. She arrived at Dedham High School without a name, so her classmates were delighted to give her the name Ruby.

Students have been fawning over the adorable little police officer, and the Dedham Police Department reported that the dog is doing an excellent job in her duties. De-escalating situations, dealing with withdrawn and vulnerable community people, helping those who are stressed or experiencing mental distress, soothing those who have seen violence, and fostering police-community engagement are among her duties.

Although this adorable pooch has a big job ahead of her, we are sure she will succeed and make everyone smile.

We ask for protection for her and her partner and wish them success in their policing responsibilities.

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