Quiz: Choose sushi and find out your level of affection (from 0 to 100)

If you love sushi and want to know more about yourself, then you will love this fun love quiz.

Here you are invited to choose one of four sushi options. Further, based on your choice, you can learn interesting things about yourself. When a person makes his choice quickly and without hesitation, his subconscious turns on, which tells him the option that he ultimately chooses.

Based on information from the subconscious, you can tell something about a person, and in particular about his character. And knowing a piece of the inner world, you can give some recommendations. And yet, do not take this test too seriously – just enjoy.

So, choose sushi without hesitation and find out what your subconscious tells you.

You have selected sushi 1.

Your affection level is 30

You are a sensitive person. For you, love is important, but not required. You rarely feel alone. Most of the time you like to spend on yourself because in this way you do not have any responsibilities and it is much easier this way. You are more comfortable falling in love for a short period of time. Enthusiasm comes and goes pretty quickly. Your soul mate considers you a little cold person. It’s better for you when someone sticks to you, and not you to someone.

You have chosen sushi 2.

Your affection level is 55

Like the weather, you have a rapidly changing nature. You are stubborn and put your interests above the interests of other people. When you think of each other, no matter what you are doing at the moment, you want to throw yourself into the arms of your loved one. However, when you quarrel, then the cold war begins in the house. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, you must apologize to the other person before you give up. Love does not allow you to take your eyes off your loved one, and he reciprocates.

You have chosen sushi 3.

Your affection level is 80

It is quite difficult to fall in love with you, but if you fall in love yourself, you will look like sticky sparkles. Even if you fall in love without memory, it will not be easy for you. The thing is, you’re a bit over the top. It is not so easy to find someone who will match them. If you want a normal relationship, you have to get rid of the picky temper.

You have chosen sushi 4.

Your affection level is 95

You are a strong personality and your family and friends are at times uneasy with you. However, there is another part of you that needs care and attention, just like a small child. When someone shows you care, you reciprocate, thereby showing that you want to be with the other person. When it comes to love, you are ready for a lot for the sake of your loved one.

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