Quiz: Choose your hairbrush and find out what makes you different from other women

1. Nymph

You are the very embodiment of femininity and tenderness. For a man, you are primarily a source of inspiration. Modesty, a sweet smile, a fragile voice, and good manners captivate those around you. You do not tend to interfere in other people’s affairs, you never interrupt or argue. Clothing only emphasizes your feminine qualities. In the wardrobe, there are mainly flying dresses, skirts, and blouses with floral prints. Office work does not suit you at all, so you choose creativity, work with children, and charity.

2. Independent emancipe

Strict and straightforward, you never evade an answer. You defend your opinion, do not deviate from your principles. Your friends can count on an adequate assessment and a sober look at the situation, which is why it’s nice to be friends with you. With men, you are on an equal footing, you do not like to expose your weaknesses. You are completely independent and self-sufficient. You are one of those people for whom comfort is important in everything. You can’t find beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes in your wardrobe, because you are not ready to make such sacrifices, even for the sake of a spectacular appearance.

3. Charming simple girl

Among other women, you stand out with your kindness and openness. Even if some consider you a simpleton, you know that your soul is deep and bright. You do not hold grudges and do not accumulate negative emotions. This helps to live in harmony and tranquility. You are an excellent housewife, you always warmly welcome guests. Being a mother is the highest happiness for you. Among all types of women, you are the wisest.

4. Minimalist

You love perfect order. Everything should be laid out on the shelves, both in the apartment and in my thoughts. You do not waste money, do not litter the space with unnecessary things. You manage your finances very well. Traveling, education, self-development, health – this is what you are ready to layout your savings for. There are no random people in your environment. You choose your life partner and friends very carefully. “Nothing more!” is your motto in life. In the wardrobe, there are only high-quality practical things and good shoes.

5. Adventurer

You are easy-going and free-spirited. Constancy makes you longing, so you like to change the situation, often experimenting with appearance, moving furniture, changing friends. But you do not have a clear opinion on anything, because it changes with lightning speed. Because of this, it is difficult for people to adapt to you, so only the most loyal friends are around. In addition, you have a lot of advantages. You radiate kindness and are always ready to help. You have many hobbies, you often change jobs, try your hand in different areas.

6. Conservative woman

Stability comes first for you. You confidently go your own way, true to your views and tastes. Any changes and innovations cause you irritation and stress. Therefore, acquaintances consider you a rather conservative person, because it is almost impossible to pull you out of your comfort zone. You should become more flexible, and sometimes let something unusual and new into your life. This applies to style, life, and relationships with a lover. A few experiments will dilute the routine with vivid sensations.

7. Businesswoman

You are used to keeping everything under control, it is not in vain that you occupy a leadership position and dominate the family. The strength and pressure with which you go through life often repel people, because they know that you are not to be trifled with. Because of this, you have few friends, these include personalities similar in character to you. In clothes, you prefer strict, straight silhouettes, expensive fabrics, and accessories. You always look stylish and modern. There is often not enough time for personal life, you are without a partner for a long time. You have high requirements for a partner, so most often such people find love in adulthood.

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