Quiz: Pick a Mandala and Find Out Something Interesting About Your Personality

Believe it or not, the decisions we make every day can tell a lot about us. It is on this principle that all psychological tests are built – our thinking determines our choice. To make sure of this once again, we propose to pass a simple test: you only need to choose one of the geometric shapes – a mandala, and we will tell you some traits of your character that you probably did not know about.


1. Mind

People who choose this mandala, as a rule, are distinguished by special mental and creative abilities. They are quite eloquent, charismatic, and attractive. They can easily get out of almost any situation, and all thanks to the fact that they rely on their own knowledge and abilities.

2. Harmony

The people who are more attracted to this mandala are at peace with those around them. They are surprisingly calm both in body and spirit. Getting them off balance is literally an impossible goal. They are not inclined to manifest themselves excessively violently any kind of emotion. Surroundings can only envy the calmness in which these people stay most of their lives.

3. Inspiration

You are an integral part of society, an unattainable model for others, and a benchmark to which everyone is equal. You make an impression wherever you go. Everyone can only envy you!

4. Communication

The person who has chosen this element is distinguished by a special zeal for communication. He is extremely friendly and nice to everyone. In a word, the soul of the company and simply the most positive person in the team.

5. Imagination

People who choose this mandala have a special view of the world and things. They have a particularly strong imagination and creative thinking. They literally see opportunities everywhere, they can spend hours in thought, fly in the clouds or just enjoy the moment.

6. Compassion

The dominant feature of a person who has chosen this pattern is undoubtedly compassion and generosity. This trait is often the driving force behind much of his actions. You should think about whether you sometimes help others to your detriment. If this is okay for you, then keep it up! If not, then change.

7. Persistence

You are an extremely persistent person, able to make every effort to achieve the goal. In adulthood, these people already have clearly set priorities, which they are guided by in any life situation. It is almost impossible to get off the path.

8. Inspiration

The people who chose this element can be described in just one word – inspiration. They are not afraid to show themselves to the world, they are not afraid of being misunderstood. Sometimes they themselves do not imagine how some of their insignificant actions can inspire others to the most daring decisions.

9. Confidence

You are the person who always and in all situations chooses a dominant position. You are a clear leader, so you usually don’t have problems. Even the bosses accept and recognize your inner core. In addition, you often take on difficult tasks, and this cannot but earn respect from colleagues, friends, and relatives.

10. Motivation

People who choose this sign are by nature very persistent. They have a fantastic ability to focus on solving one specific task, and without difficulty keep all attention on a particular subject. Their motivation for many is indicative.

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