Quiz: The shape of the ears indicates how you express yourself in love

Did you know that earlobes have a connection with how a person manifests himself in a love relationship?

There is some connection between the shape of a person’s earlobes, his temperament, and, as a result, his behavior in love relationships. With this simple test, you can determine your prospects in love and test your acquaintances. Check if everything described below is true.

So let’s get started.

A. The earlobes are large and thick.

This is a sure sign that you are quite popular with the opposite sex and most likely have many admirers or even lovers. If at some point your love relationship collapses, then you immediately and with incredible ease get new ones. After all the lessons of love that life has given you, you will eventually find yourself the one who will be the best for you and give you a happy life and a harmonious marriage. In short, you will be surrounded by love all your life.

B. The earlobes are slightly elongated and narrow.

Most likely, a strong love relationship is not very important to you, and you do not attach much importance to love itself. Because you know that you can easily achieve anything you want. Therefore, you like to have more freedom and remain single. Even if you are in a relationship at the moment, you don’t like being too attached to your partner, you like to keep a little distance.

C. Tiny lobes or ears with little or no lobes.

If you have such neat ears, then you are as simple as children. You are overly devoted to your partner, who most likely makes you suffer. It is important to remember one thing: you must be careful because people can take advantage of your ingenuity.

D. Bifurcated earlobes.

If you have such an earlobe, then most likely you are great in everything, except for love, unfortunately. There is a good chance that you are currently unstable in your love relationship. Carefully! Don’t break too many hearts!

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