Quiz: Which of these people would you give up your seat on public transport?

An interesting psychological test that will show your personal qualities.

Old man

If you would give way to an elderly person, then you clearly have a sense of compassion. You treat people with respect and are always happy to help them. For you, the well-being of others is much more important than your own. You are very emotional and it is easy to touch you to the core. You are a sensitive and vulnerable person by nature.

Pregnant woman

Giving up your seat to a pregnant woman shows that you have a sense of responsibility. You are always reasonable and look at any situation from a different angle. You are objective and can enter into the position of each person in order to experience everything for yourself.

Man with trauma

If you were to give way to a person with an injury, then you clearly have the quality of a leader. You can always take control of the situation and resolve it. You can organize people and get the desired result. You are very friendly and love making new friends.

Young woman

If you gave way to a young woman, then you definitely love yourself very much. You like it when people pay attention to you, to be admired. You are very noble and can seduce absolutely any person. People are drawn to you and you love it. You feel very confident and always stand firmly on your feet.

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