Quiz: Who broke the vase?

1. Child A

Choice A appears to be the most obvious. The boy looks down, as though he is sorry for what he has done. He walks to the right, while his family walks to the left and appears to blame him from the outset. Is it feasible, however, to specify what it was? Only by your decision can we claim that you are a highly caring person who pays attention to the slightest things. Because you look at people’s indications, it is quite difficult to fool you. You are also a person who takes responsibility in all facets of your life.

2. Girl B

A girl was the next possibility. She is most often the oldest daughter, and she may even be a teenager who looks for her younger siblings when her mother is unavailable. She is dressed in a bright pink gown and has a criminal’s expression when she glances at Child A. However, it appears to be comfort, compassion, and affection without criticizing anybody. You are a thoughtful individual who recognizes not just other people’s difficulties but also your own. You utilize logical reasoning and common sense to answer any concerns or challenges that emerge, and you always keep your aim in mind.

3. Child C

Child C is the one who is the most concealed from the rest of the group. He has his hands in his pockets and appears to be worried and scary. He appears to be blaming kid A for his lack of pleasant feelings. You may have singled out this youngster as the perpetrator based on his expression, which appears to indicate, “It was me, but it will blow over because everyone is blaming you.” What does this say about your character? Take a look at it below. If you believe that kid C was the perpetrator of the catastrophe, you care deeply about people’s well-being. You are always the one to take the initiative, and you have an opinion on everything. You pursue the common welfare of others since doing so multiplies your own gains.

4. Girl D

Girl D is a little girl dressed in a blue dress who leans against her mother’s apron, possibly terrified of a shattered vase or the consequences of her actions. This is the only person (apart from the mother) who stares at the vase directly. Others are drawn to youngster A, who is looking down guiltily. According to psychology, this indicates that you are a responsible and trustworthy individual. That’s why you’re so good at everything you do. Every day, you try to be a better person and to attain your objectives. You have a high level of confidence in people and are extremely sensitive. That is why you are a significant member of society.

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