Quize: What was the first thing you saw in the picture? The quize is 95% accurate

A girl is a good sign, you will be lucky very soon. Wait for help from a woman (girl), she will even tell you in which direction you should start the process of self-improvement.

Smoke may mean the ambiguity of the situation. Things are indistinguishable in the haze. Nothing and no one can stop you from realizing your plan.

Smoking pipe– Seeing a burning pipe means that your impressions are deceptive, and the intense recent night of love does not mean anything. You should not trust a new acquaintance so recklessly. If the tube goes out, then this is a sign of pleasant communication with an old acquaintance or good friend. Seeing a red pipe means that obstacles and difficulties await you on the path to success in order to achieve your cherished desires, but you can easily overcome them.

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