“Rare Sighting”: David Schwimmer Joins A-List Party at NYC Restaurant

David Schwimmer, who is famous for being on the TV show Friends, went out to celebrate the first anniversary of Raf’s Italian & French Bakery in New York City. It was a big party with lots of famous people like Olivia Wilde and Dianna Agron.

David looked happy at the party, wearing a black jacket and shirt with dark pants. He took pictures with Jennifer and some other guests. Many people at the party were also wearing black clothes.

Olivia Wilde wore a see-through black top and black pants. She was laughing with Dianna Agron and other guests.

Even though David Schwimmer has an Instagram account, he doesn’t share a lot about his life. He likes to keep things private. He once said that becoming famous from Friends was hard for him. It made him want to hide instead of being seen.

A few weeks after his friend Matthew Perry passed away, David shared a picture of them together on Instagram. He thanked Matthew for the ten great years they spent together working on Friends. David said Matthew had a special talent for making jokes and that he would always remember him for it.

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