“Real-life princess”: Mom transforms her daughter’s wheelchair into Cinderella’s carriage

Mom fulfilled her daughter’s dream of being a princess!

Parents will surely do whatever it takes to make their children happy. This doesn’t mean buying them expensive gadgets or taking them to luxurious trips. Most of the time the genuine and sincere actions matter the most. Just spending some time at home and cooking with them will make children extremely happy.

This mom from Comstock Park, Michigan, knew that one simple but very important thing would make her daughter the happiest girl in the world. The little girl is a Disney fan. She dreams of becoming a princess just like those she sees in the cartoons. However, the mother didn’t need to take her daughter to Disneyland. All she needed were a few materials at hand to bring magic to life.

Her daughter,  Roslyn Breen, was born with an undiagnosed muscular condition and couldn’t walk or sit up. When she is out of bed, the girl spends her whole day in a wheelchair. Tiffany, the girl’s mother, said she had spent years trying to find a cure for her daughter, but her efforts were in vain.

In 2017, Tiffany finally got the chance to make her daughter’s dream to come true. As the girl wanted to be a princess, Tiffany decided to amke her a real-life princess by transforming her wheelchair on Halloween.

“Roz is forever my little princess,” Tiffany said.

With hard work and great dedication, the woman managed to make her plans happen and turned her daughter into Cinderella. Her wheelchair glows like a golden carriage. Tiffany wants her daughter to see the world on her own.

“She is independent and can drive her wheelchair herself. Now it has beautiful lights and can move”.

Moreover, it is a great way to make the situation pleasant, after so many strange stares on the streets. To complement her Cinderella look, she also had shiny shoes, which Roslyn described as her own glass slippers.

Tiffany also took Rosly and her eldest daughter to the zoo, where different people approached the family and asked to take some pictures with the Cinderella. They all admired the carriage and the little princess in it. She also got a chance to spend some time with her prince, who was no other but her dad.

It was a huge deal for Roslyn. After all, at some point of her life she felt like a princess. She proudly tells everyone she is a Disney Princess.

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