Red Carpet Oops: Vanessa Kirby’s Strap Slip in Braless Gown Unveils a Surprise!

Vanessa Kirby, who is 35 years old and partners with Tom Cruise, showed up at the premiere of “Mission: Impossible: Lethal Reckoning” in New York.

She wore a long caramel dress with thin straps and no bra. Her makeup included light eyeliner, pink blush, and coral lipstick. She had long wavy hair and wore a stylish cape that could be folded into a scarf. Large gold earrings completed her elegant look.

As Vanessa walked the red carpet, looking glamorous, one of the thin straps slipped off, revealing part of her chest. Luckily, Tom Cruise quickly caught the strap, preventing a major wardrobe malfunction. Vanessa handled it calmly, adjusting her dress and continuing to pose with a smile, but more carefully.

In the upcoming “Mission: Impossible” sequel, Vanessa will play Alanna Mitsopolis, also known as the “White Widow.” At the event, she interacted with Rebecca Ferguson, who plays MI6 agent Ilse Faust in the movie. This is the third appearance of Rebecca’s character in the film series.

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