“Regret and Reflection”: Stallone’s Mother Expresses Regret Over Cosmetic Surgery, Unhappy with Altered Appearance

To keep her youthful appearance, Jacqueline decided to undergo cosmetic surgery. Even though she still goes to the gym and beauty salon and watches her diet, she felt the need for anti-aging procedures. However, she now regrets her decision.

In her younger days, Jacqueline was very beautiful, but her attempts at plastic surgery didn’t go well. She had an unsuccessful nose job, an unsuccessful neck rejuvenation, changes to her eye shape, lip enhancement, and a face lift. Unfortunately, the results were not as good as she had hoped.

Jacqueline admits she’s afraid to look in the mirror now. In her youth, she had many admirers, and this might be why she struggled to accept the natural aging process and turned to plastic surgeons.

People have commented, saying things like “Poor woman,” “Looks like a monkey,” and “She just wanted to be young again.” Others suggest living to her age before passing judgment.

What do you think about cosmetic surgery?

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