Remember this famous photo? What grown-up gears look like today, who are already 11 years old.

The McGee family learned about twelve years ago that they could have as many as six children at a time.

It is worth noting that the couple really planned their first child for a long time, waiting in order to create the best conditions for him.

But the number six on the first examination surprised them very much because for ten years they could not do even one thing before that – they simply could not do it physically.

The children were born healthy – the family also quickly began to gain popularity on television, they even starred in shows about themselves.

There are also lovely photos on the network – on the first one, the kids just appeared and are very small, and on the second they are already eleven years old. Judging by the numerous photos that show their life, the family lives happily, and the children are brought up in love.

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