“Remembering Steve Irwin”: A Heartfelt Tribute on His 62nd Birthday

Steve Irwin’s family is remembering him on what would have been his 62nd birthday.

“Happy Birthday! Missing my Action Man. ❤️,” his wife Terri Irwin said in a video she shared on her Instagram account. The video showed some of the best moments of the late Crocodile Hunter in the wild.

His voice was changed into a song using Autotune. Terri, 59, gave credit to Melodysheep for putting together the mashup.

The Irwins had two kids before Steve’s death in September 2006.

“Happy Birthday, Dad. Your legacy will live on forever,” their daughter Bindi Irwin said on Instagram.

In one picture, the 25-year-old shared a photo of herself as a child standing next to her dad. They both smiled as she held a live bird. There were also pictures of Steve dealing with alligators and a Komodo dragon.

There were group photos of the family and a picture of a young Steve and Terri hugging while holding a puppy.

“Steve’s love for you will live on forever too. ❤,” Terri commented on her daughter’s post.

Their son Robert Irwin also honored his father.

“It’s a special day to share this story… on Dad’s birthday. It makes me proud that his legacy lives on,” the 20-year-old said in a video. The video had a sentimental voiceover with footage from Robert’s childhood with his dad.

Robert said that when he was a kid, he and Bindi used to sit on their father’s lap every morning while he checked on the animals at the Australia Zoo on his “Honda 100” motorcycle.

Robert mentioned that after his dad’s death, the motorcycle sat unused for a while, but he recently got it running again.

“Some of my best memories were on that bike,” he said, adding that now it’s his job to do the same “park checks” his dad used to do.

“I’m not crying, you are… I’m definitely crying..😭,” one person commented. Another wrote, “I swear Robert makes Steve proud every day. 🙌.”

The Irwin family still runs the Australia Zoo together.

Steve was born on Feb. 22, 1962. He died in September 2006 at the age of 44 after being stung by a short-tail stingray while snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.

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