Rescued kittens just adore when their foster father carries them with his mouth

Raylan has been serving as a father to several babies for the past 8 years, and he has done an incredible job.

He has a heart so huge that it appears like his love will be sufficient for everyone.

He treats each one as though it were one of his own puppies. The doggy enjoys being occupied.

The dog finds his life’s purpose while taking care of puppies.

The two cats were recently discovered dehydrated, alone, and without their mother in the house’s garage.

They obviously needed assistance, but sadly, their mother was nowhere to be seen. That’s when Raylan stepped in to save the day.

Simply put, it was love at first sight. Both cats adore Raylan to the hilt.

They wanted to touch him and be as near to him as they could, so they followed the dog everywhere he went.

They adore it when the older dog carries them in his jaws and lifts them up.

The kittens are extremely joyful, and Raylan is glad to carry out his duties.

Raylan’s life likewise got off to a rocky start. Because his family abandoned him when he was only 2 years old, he did not receive the care and attention he need, but fortunately, kind individuals arrived to assist.

Raylan and his mother are now on a mission to assist as many homeless infants as they can.

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