Rescued puma named Messi loves his life as a spoiled cat and refuses to return to his natural environment

Messi has been very comfortable and at ease in the apartment for five years now.

It is now popular to keep a variety of pets, which, at times, are too surprising and exotic. And what is it like to keep a puma who considers himself a domestic cat?

The name puma Messi was given in honor of the talented Argentine footballer. He lives in a foster family of spouses from Penza Alexander and Maria Dmitriev. Messi has been very comfortable and at ease in the apartment for five years now.

Puma was sold to the Penza zoo when he was only three months old. The baby weighed much less than expected at his age and was not adapted to life in the reserve. Then the zoo staff decided to euthanize him. But Maria and Alexander did not allow this and took the baby to them.

Spouses share that they had sympathy for the puma at first sight. They decided to buy it, but the decision was hard for them. They thought for a long time whether the wild animal would be comfortable in the apartment and whether they could provide him with sufficient living conditions. They nevertheless decided to buy him out and took care of his health. Now Messi has no health problems.

Maria and Alexander really like the pet. Problems arise only with their pet cat Kira, who does not want to get along with Messi. The owners reduce it to feline envy.

We used to think of pumas as kittens, but now they require training like dogs. Messi distinguishes up to a dozen teams, eats raw meat, and takes a bath.

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