Rescuers discovered a dog living alone in the mountains two years after her owner thought she lost it

Animal Control discovered a stray dog living in the mountains who visited residential areas on occasion to look for food in the trash. They contacted Hope For Paws and described the situation. 

Multiple attempts by Animal Control to capture and assist the dog failed. 

When the rescuers went looking for the dog, they discovered a skeletal, balding, and terrifying creature. 

They resolved to do everything possible to assist the dog’s recovery. 

Because the dog didn’t trust anyone, the rescue team used food to gain the dog’s attention and trust. 

Despite her fear, the dog accepted the heavenly cheeseburger given to her by the rescuers. 

After that, a rescuer reached out his hand to the dog and offered her a treat, which she accepted and ate right out of his hand. 

Because of the distraction, the other rescuer was able to sneak up on the dog and catch him. 

The dog initially resisted, but after a while, he relaxed because she noticed that those people were attempting to help him. 

She eventually finished her cheeseburger and even allowed one of the rescuers to pet her and scratch behind her ear. 

The dog was named Edna by the rescuers. 

The first thing Edna was checked for was a microchip. 

Fortunately, she had one! 

Edna’s original owner had given her to a new family, who got rid of the dog and informed the original owner that his beloved dog had died. 

Edna’s original owner was relieved that the dog was still alive, but he couldn’t take her with him. He asked the shelter to find Edna a good loving family. 

A few weeks later, Edna was adopted by a caring couple. Her ashen complexion and the innocence of her eyes drew their attention. 

That marked the beginning of a new chapter in Edna’s life.

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