Retired Woman Finds Home in Compact Teardrop Trailer with All Necessities

When Sharon finished her job as a pharmacist in May 2014, she decided to change her life completely. She bought a small trailer called a teardrop trailer and started traveling all the time!

She pulls the trailer with her Jeep Wrangler and lives in it full-time.

Sharon calls it her “tall teardrop” because it’s not like the classic teardrop trailers; it’s taller inside, which suits her height perfectly. It weighs about 1,670 pounds.

Sharon thought a lot about buying this trailer. She went to an event in January 2012 and started thinking about what kind of vehicle would be best for her adventures.

She had owned larger travel trailers before and wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back to towing or try a smaller RV or van for her next home on wheels.

Sharon didn’t want to get rid of her Jeep because she loves driving it. However, Jeeps can’t tow very heavy trailers, and they’re not known for being great at towing.

But Sharon was surprised at how well the Jeep towed her teardrop trailer! It slows down a bit on hills, but she hardly feels it’s there unless she checks her mirror.

Since it’s a 4-door, it has a big back area where she can put her other belongings that don’t fit in the trailer.

The teardrop trailer is great if you want to try living on the road. It has a toilet and wet bath that she can use while standing. For power, Sharon gets it in two ways. She plugs the trailer into electricity, and she also has solar panels that provide 135 watts of power.

Even though her kitchen has a stove, Sharon prefers to cook outside because it’s nice to be in the fresh air. Plus, it keeps her trailer from smelling like food.

Her trailer has a large visor and lots of windows, so sunlight and air can come in.

On cold nights, Sharon stays warm by turning on the radiator that blows out heat through the vents. She also has a propane heater that heats up in about 2 to 3 minutes.

On hot days, she uses the trailer’s air conditioning. Both its windows and doors have screens to keep insects out.

Sharon’s trailer has a small but complete kitchen, including a fridge!

Sharon never gets bored in her tiny trailer home, even when she stays inside. She has an entertainment system installed between her shower door and kitchen cupboards. She can play CDs and DVDs and watch her shows on her flat-screen TV.

For sleeping, Sharon has a couch that turns into a bed. She leaves it as a bed most of the time so she doesn’t have to set it up every day.

One of the best things about living in a trailer for Sharon is meeting lots of different people during her trips. She’s had dinners with them and even kept in touch with some of them.

Before, Sharon didn’t know her neighbors very well, but now she has friends from all over the country!

Although she sometimes wishes she had a bigger van, Sharon knows that the tiny teardrop trailer is the best choice for her and her two chihuahuas because she loves setting up camp.

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