Robert Downey Jr. Playfully Embraces Interior Design Hobby, Shares Love for Sage and Incense

Robert Downey Jr. has many talents. He recently won his first Academy Award for acting in a movie called Oppenheimer. Now, he’s sharing a secret hobby: decorating homes.

In a magazine cover story, Robert, who is 58, and his wife Susan talk about their life together over nearly twenty years. Robert jokes about his interest in decorating, saying he likes to ask Susan for advice on things like painting the kitchen or getting a new rug for her office.

He admits he’s not a pro decorator but says he’s the type who cares about details like curtains. Robert is also busy with his acting career, with a new show called The Sympathizer coming out soon.

Even when they stayed in a hotel before the Oscars, Robert couldn’t resist making the room feel more like home. He rearranged furniture and added things like sage and incense for a nicer smell.

Robert takes pride in setting the mood, or ambiance, as Susan calls it. They have two kids together, Avri Roel, who is 9, and Exton Elias, who is 12. Robert also has a son named Indio, who is 30, from a previous marriage.

Susan says their home is a safe and welcoming place for their kids to be themselves. They often have friends over for dinners and games, with Robert leading the fun with improv and word games.

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