Robert Downey Jr. Thanks Christopher Nolan: ‘I Needed Someone to See My Potential’

Robert Downey Jr. has been really nice lately when talking about the movie “Oppenheimer” and its director, Christopher Nolan. Some people think Nolan is shy, but Downey has been showing a fun side of him.

Last week, Downey and Nolan, along with actor Cillian Murphy, who got his first Oscar nomination for his role in the movie, had a chat. Murphy didn’t know Nolan was working on “Oppenheimer” and was surprised when he asked him to play the lead role. Nolan joked that now he can’t just call Murphy for dinner without it seeming weird.

For Downey, getting the role of Lewis Strauss in the movie was a big deal. He felt like he needed someone to believe in him and offer him such a role. When Nolan asked him to come over to discuss the role, Downey joked about being excited and spying on Nolan’s house.

Nolan doesn’t like being around when people read his scripts, as he once saw his wife get confused while reading one. So, when Downey and Murphy read their scripts, Nolan went for a walk or visited places.

During their chat, Downey praised everyone, especially Murphy for setting a good tone on set and losing weight for his role. He also praised Nolan for being generous with his time and helping actors with their scenes.

At the end, Nolan was touched by Downey’s words and declared his love for him, which surprised everyone. Downey joked that Nolan was acting differently, in a good way.

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