Ryan Reynolds Searches for Blake Lively During Super Bowl 2024

Ryan Reynolds didn’t know where his wife, Blake Lively, was during Super Bowl 2024, despite her appearing in camera shots. He humorously posted on Instagram asking if anyone had seen the trailer for “Deadpool” and also jokingly questioned the whereabouts of his wife.

Earlier that day, Blake Lively was seen with her friend Taylor Swift at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. She was wearing a red Adidas tracksuit with a white cropped tank top, along with heels, and had styled her hair in ’80s curls for a Vegas look. They were caught on the big screen singing along to “America the Beautiful” during Post Malone’s performance before the game started.

Last fall, Ryan Reynolds went to a Chiefs game with his wife and friends when they played against the New York Jets. They were joined by Hugh Jackman, Sophie Turner, Sabrina Carpenter, Antoni Porowski, Shawn Levy, and Taylor Swift.


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After the Chiefs won the game 23-20, Lively and Reynolds congratulated quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes greeted them as they were leaving the stadium, and Reynolds looked happy to see the two-time Super Bowl winner. They hugged and chatted briefly about the game, while Lively told Mahomes he was “amazing.”

The Super Bowl matchup was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, airing on CBS on Feb. 11.

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