Salma Hayek, 54, wore a bodysuit and demonstrated how her physique has altered over the last 20 years

You really adore this lovely lady.

She’s stunning, isn’t she? Salma is approaching her 60th birthday with confident steps, however, you can’t give this actress more than 35. The other day, the diva posted a new picture on her Instagram page, appearing in front of fans in a brown bodysuit. The woman decided to demonstrate how her figure has changed in 20 years.

Fans of Hayek were speechless when they saw a new photo of the beautiful actress. It seems that time has stopped for Salma. The actress is not going to age. “There are simply no words”, “Chic”, “Luxury figure”, “Even a 17-year-old will envy”,

“Too beautiful to be real”, “Salma, you are an incredible woman”, “Favorite actress”, “And, in my opinion, the fry have grown fat”, “Looks her age,” “nothing strange,” “ordinary middle-aged woman,” netizens said.

Hayek ignores the detractors’ comments while enjoying her trip and receiving effusive congratulations from supporters.

Do you have any feelings towards this actress? Please share your thoughts in the comments, dear readers.

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