Salma Hayek flaunted her gorgeous curves on her 53rd birthday

Can you believe this stunning lady is 53 years old? Still a fan of Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek?

She is a lovely and accomplished actress who is one of Hollywood’s most well-known.

The actress celebrated her 53rd birthday on September 2nd! Yes, and it is correct. You can’t believe it, can you? And it’s all because Salma looks terrific for her age. Her height of 1.157 cm does not hinder her from having rich and toned shapes; a celebrity’s figure is beyond admiration. Her good genes are also partially to blame because Salma has Mexican ancestors, and their ladies look hoo, how young.

The star uploaded a selfie of herself the day before her birthday with the caption, “Yes, tomorrow I am 53 years old, so what?”

Absolutely nothing, Salma! You are gorgeous and lovely. We wish the actress good health and more success!

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